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Song for Carla

he promised love and commitment
but instead destroyed her soul
he killed her spirit and ate her life whole
then one day his insecurity was much for him to bear
he stepped inside her life and destroyed what was there
he promised love and commitment
but ended her life one day
wondering how this happened how one could end this way
this wonder of a woman who changed our lives
ended up with the demon in christian disguise
dressed in white and laid out in repose her eyes were mortician closed
he sat in the pew looking forlorn as the room filled with praise for her to the rafters it arose
that beautiful soul was tortured no more how could no one know
we gathered at the grave and said our last good bye he off to the side just waiting a chance to go
learned later the fate of this magnificent woman who gave my words wind
he promised love and commitment
and took her light away for his own depraved and evil bend
it will not be silent her calling from the grave
she has given instructions and messages to the brave
tell my story her spirit passes on
my body is not here but my soul is not gone
take my image out and help that sister there
no more spirits lost for addictions evil stare
keep her soul present and her accomplishments alive
she wants you to go on continue live and thrive

in memory of my late mentor who opened up the world


Elizabeth said…
Thank you for sharing your memories -- it sounds like your mentor really changed your life.
Elizabeth said…
Thank you for sharing your memory - it sounds like your mentor really changed your life despite her own trials.

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