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Without Words

What am I without the words swirling around my mind, waiting for a chance to burst forth and explode on paper?  I am the essence of the letters that form words and the words that form sentences and the sentences that form paragraphs and the paragraphs that form papers and the papers that form books and the books that transform lives.  I am all that exists within the pages, eagerly turned, hungry, desperately reaching for that next word that will give meaning to the why and what.  It is breathing, this thing with the pen, can not separate the two, can not separate me, it is the breath of my life.

9/11 on 12

How could sunshine smile on me, comfort me with your glow
When in just moments, there would be destruction my world did not know
My heart jolts and almost skips a beat
I look at the TV and can almost feel the heat
The rumble and the deafening screams
It is still early on a Tuesday morning, this all must be a horrible dream
Will my soul ever settle down again
Can't the heavens just open up, pour out love and shower the rain
Did anyone else see what happened?
A horror so great, my spirit feels damaged
It turned my mind, no longer comprehend
The tragedy seemed over before many knew it would begin
I can not imagine the pain they felt
The impact of the planes and the thoughts, they melt
Ten years ago, it isn't a long day
We are still wondering what happened, challenging what they say
The world will never be innocent again
Many tears shed, still remembering their loss, their pain
I wasn't there, only sitting on a bed
Looking at the crumbling of concrete, holding my head
We may n…


Remembering you through the window of my soul
Thinking of your smile that makes my life whole

In memory of my late son, Cory, He'd be 29 today


Broken hearts like shattered glass
staring through a window pane of clouded dreams
asking why
Broken hearts like broken beds
looking through a lens of reigned in hope
Wondering when

Reaching Beyond The New Year

The sun shines on a new day, turning a page of a new year
I looked at that sun and thought of long ago and tomorrow
and know that you will be in the wind, shining like the first moon
Rushing across the waters that stretch across the seas
you eyes twinkle and dance amid the stars of a new decade sky
yet the air breathed is beyond one or two and is tomorrow
The midnight sky and the moonlit night, writing the first song of a new day