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I loved you with my whole heart, from the moment you made it jump when I first saw your frame
We grew and laughed and shared and explored
My heart expanded more than the capacity to contain the exuberance of joy that is you
I loved you with my everything
And it wasn't enough
you killed me
almost as sure as taking knife to heart or gun to head
years and years and years of suffering untouched waiting
you slaughtered me


To touch and be touched is life

A baby feels touch and knows security, needs met, learns connection

A child feels touch and knows acceptance, love, learns assurance

A woman feels touch and knows intimacy, connection, learns love

To touch and be touched is living

Without it...there is no life

Without it...there is no living

I am without touch

C.H. The King

One night with the king changes all the other nights forever
For the king touches and soothes and whispers
He calls the flowers from the fields, the pink and yellow and white
One night in the house of the king in a land of oceans and the heart blooms eternally


Just open your hand and let them come in.

Hold them in your palm and think about tomorrow.

Then open your hand and let them blow like petals in the wind.

Let the swirls or air carry them to fertile ground, planted for another day.

Tomorrow, reach out your hand and touch the tree that is memory

Feel it's strong trunks and see the roots deep in fertile ground.

The soil of love nourishes the memory branches.


Last night I had a dream of ships passing in the wind

All along the ocean blue the ships were sailing, two by two

Passing along side by side capturing waves in water wide

Last night I dreamed of ships crossing the rounded point

Gliding down the gulf of life