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not giving up

wounded my heart
killing my spirit
but I refuse to give up
hunting me down
strangling my soul
because you can not handle my light
doesn't seem fair
not stopping
fighting back with every keystroke
you will repay

Read, Like, Follow, Speak

You, mysterious you, visit my writing
and enter the space of my mind
dwelling in my heart, peaking into my soul

You read the words that tumble from my spirit
hands on keys, pen on paper
and you come back for more

Some one time, some four hundred times
you follow in the shadow, your identity secret
come out, come out, come out
you mysterious one

Open wide the hidden spaces and lend me
the moment, the pleasure of knowing you
you know me, you read me

Come and like the words I utter, follow me
to the places I journey, speak to me
speak back to me,. tell me your name