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Freedom Pen

Determined to be free and live authentically.

Writing the way and penning the path.

Others want to silence the voice and the words.

But pushing through the door and breaking down the walls.

Never going to stop reaching up and higher.

Breaking chains that bind and hold.

Speaking a truth through keys and screens.

Love Affair In Bounded Print

More constant than a friend
Satisfying like no other
These cherished tomes set on tables and chairs
Ever present to journey and escape
Intimate treasure and forever companion
Poetic affair to last the years
Sitting waiting open to that favorite spot
Giving living breathing being
Forever admired and deeply experienced
These present lovers in black and white

Myla's Freedom Song

The journey of life has not been an easy one for Myla.  
She knew there was something different about her, about her life, but could never understand the sheer impact of all that she had endured until she stepped out on that stage.
"Hello, my name is Myla and I am a survivor."
The crowd roared into claps before they even heard her raspy voice speak the words and read the passages of her book.  This was her first tour, her first speaking engagement, her first opportunity to take back her power.
"My story is in some ways not unlike the story of many women, many of you sitting in this room right now.  I was born to parents who loved each other and subsequently loved me, their baby girl. I was raised in the praise of their affirmation of my brains and beauty, taught to be tender and caring, to be loving and kind, to believe in the best in all people, and to strive for my dreams.  I was taught of my virtue and my worth and to pursue my education.  My father loved me, my mother r…


It is funny to me
How people always want to know
"how long has this been going on?"
When it has been happening
right in front of them.
Are you paying attention?
Can't you see the downcast of the eyes?
The quiet in the answer?
The uncertainty in the thought?
Why does it matter how long?
The very fact that it has been happening
should make them want to help
do something
do not just sit there and say
"I just can not believe he would do that."
When the things she says are stranger than fiction
yes, he did not, he is doing that, he is that


not the housekeeper or maid
or the caricature drawn of me
never will be ever gonna be
the slave you want of me
cleaning your floors
washing your walls
seeing your dirt
know more than you think
wiser than you assume
deeper than your fears
built this house you try to take
greater than the crumbs
wipe that table clean
not your house slave
greater character than you will ever be

Twenty Bags of Chips

Twenty bags of chips in the trash can
Shiny vacant promises in silver lined packages
Crumbs in the bed sound of the crunch
Tasting any of it munch munch munch
Disarray uncontrol stuffing mouth
Twenty bags of chips in the trash can