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You reward the ones who make the mess
and hate the one who does the work

With words of love and eyes of glee
you give them trinkets with delight

Frowns and yells to the one who cleans
crumbs from your table swept down with all your might

Why do you loathe the hand that wipes
but dance your heart for the ones who do not glean?

Hello Fall!

The crisp morning air, the brisk bite of wind, the crinkle of the leaves.

Hello fall!

My, where did the summer go with all its heat and bluster? How did we wake us and under blankets we muster?

Looking out the balcony and staring at the trees, goodbye summer breeze!

Hello fall!

We missed the long sleeves and the scarves donned anew, hot chocolate and lattes, warming me, warming you.

photo credit - my daughter
Robin - taken this weekend
in Blackburn Park,
Webster Groves MO