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Kayla’s Dream

She imagined the scene a thousand times. He would wake up, grab his work-out bag, walk out, get in his car, drive down the street. She would stay in bed, engulfed in the cocoon of the early morning moonlight. The down-alternative comforter would keep away the chill that shimmied down to her toes. It was early fall and the cold that was her friend wasn't because of the weather. He had been a distant stranger sharing the same 2500 square feet. He was a pair of blue jeans on Saturday and suit on Monday. He shared space at their solid oak, friendship table, his face shielded behind his Dell laptop, the chomping of his eating like a hammer in her brain. The years they shared were seamless and the emotion they lacked seemed endless. She was certain now, it had to be now. "Kayla!" His voice bellowed out from his upstairs office and felt like it was shaking the rafters. "Yes?' She intentionally kept her voice normal. She hated it when he called her from his