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May You Always Love

May you always yearn for her like sunrise desires morning May you crave him so deeply like moon hungers for night May you thirst for his touch like desert gulps the rain May you delight in her embrace like snow dances in winter May your today fill you to overflowing like wet covers the ocean May you dance the lovers dance like shadow twirls the night May you always love written for my cousin Thom and his bride Joy

The Other Day I Thought About Sunshine

The other day I thought about sunshine And it was you Remembering the warmth of your embrace Knowing the solace of your presence Feeling the glow in your welcome Wanting the heat of your embrace The other day I thought about sunshine And it was you

The Fire

The rage I feel is like a fire in my soul It burns a red and yellow flickering threatening to consume me It refuses to cool down despite the watering of my tears


When tomorrow was yesterday and the hope was real I looked in your eyes and saw waves of time standing still When today was tomorrow and the canvass yet unmarked I held your hand and painted our dreams come true when yesterday was today and we lived in dashed memories I touched your face and wove together remnants of maybe When tomorrow is forever and holds the threads of our forever I kiss your lips and weave the promises of you