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9/11 on 12

How could sunshine smile on me, comfort me with your glow When in just moments, there would be destruction my world did not know My heart jolts and almost skips a beat I look at the TV and can almost feel the heat The rumble and the deafening screams It is still early on a Tuesday morning, this all must be a horrible dream Will my soul ever settle down again Can't the heavens just open up, pour out love and shower the rain Did anyone else see what happened? A horror so great, my spirit feels damaged It turned my mind, no longer comprehend The tragedy seemed over before many knew it would begin I can not imagine the pain they felt The impact of the planes and the thoughts, they melt Ten years ago, it isn't a long day We are still wondering what happened, challenging what they say The world will never be innocent again Many tears shed, still remembering their loss, their pain I wasn't there, only sitting on a bed Looking at the crumbling of concrete, holdin