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Shattered Standing

Tumbling Shattering Million pieces Crystal falling Smashing ...heart like glass soul like water tumbling down cascading forever stone million pieces shattering crystal glitters fell innocence splinter shining on the ground Standing Claiming speaking puzzles putting pieces together again Proclaiming ...heart like rock soul like water turrents forward casting forever fear shattered million pieces crystal glitters shine innocence reclaimed standing in the sun This poem was inspired by a racial incident experienced by my twelve year old daughter and her strength in taking back the fear, speaking her truth, and telling the world what the cowards thought would break her.  


My husband calls them pearls worn close to my heart. Would the meaning of each make others tear me apart? Does this story waiting to be told have elements to make their heart grow cold? If I opened up my soul with words to tell Would their judgment condemn me to hell? Will their image of my accomplishments change causing them to look upon me with rage? Pristine little me the preacher's daughter would my life story send me to the slaughter? These pearls I cherish in my spirit Would they ever stop to really hear it? Let me muse and wonder out loud Would my living distance me in their crowd? It has not all been a crystal stair I ask the question, would they really care? This life lived like no other Will they condemn me, a former teenage mother? My pearls are a living testament I do not hide. Does it matter to you that my heart is open wide?