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I woke up this morning and thoughts of you flooded my mind like the sunlight streaming through the window. There is a piece of my heart that belongs solely to you, you hold it forever. When I go to sleep tonight and the moon kisses my brow, I will close my eyes and see your face. You are my forever

Janet Riehl Talks With Taye' Foster Bradshaw About Emotion Behind Writing "Sightlines"

I am pleased to welcome Janet Riehl to my blog today. We sat down to chat, writer to writer, about her recent work and more about some of the feelings behind the work. I met Janet Grace Riehl through an open mic sponsored by the St. Louis Writers Guild. St. Louis is sort of a small town, and so our paths continued to cross as writers. Today I’m one of the hosts on Janet’s two-month internet tour. You can see the entire calendar for the tour on Janet’s site Riehlife: Village Wisdom for the 21st Century The previous post on this tour was an interview with Eden Maxwell Janet’s 2006 book Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary is now an audio book titled “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music.” In addition to the 90 poems Janet reads from her book, these are interwoven with old-time music played in her father’s parlor, along with her father’s stories, and banter from the music session, giving us a complete context. Taye' Foster Bradshaw (Antona): How do you write? Tell me a lit

The Last Goodbye

Hold my hand when my breath whispers the end of the story. Stay beside me and stroke my hair when my real me says it is time. Lean down and let your kiss gently caress my cheek when my eyes close forever. Touch my arm and let me feel the essence of our life when my spirit journeys away.