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The sun streams through the shades a gentle breeze kisses my cheek my eyes slowly open a cloudburst greets my eyes new day dawning possibility rising green trees swaying outside my window wind blowing leaves calling me to rise up and dance.

In Mother's Favorite Chair

IN MOTHER’S FAVORITE CHAIR by Tayé Foster Bradshaw       I am not sure when this journey began or really, where it will even end up.  I keep thinking that I will walk back into the room and see her sitting there, book in hand, coffee at her little side table, a smile on her face.  But I am fully awake and I know this is all happening, all around me.       “Your mother went up to heaven,” that’s what they all told me.  “Okay.” I ran off to play.  I am only four years old.  I believe them.  They would never lie to me, this I am sure of. They have always taken care of me, giving me cupcakes that my grandmother made, the lady with the long, long gray hair that I saw one time in the early morning when she didn’t know I was awake. I was supposed to be asleep on the sofa, snuggled next to my little brother and my cousin, we were supposed to watch Romper Room in the morning, I was awake, holding my baby doll, watching her in the mirror. She is a tiny little woman, exce

Pondering The Letter

She walked outside her townhouse into the steamy, misty heat of St. Louis, exhaling and breathing in a mouthful of hot.  It took more energy than she wanted to expend to step into the world today when all she wanted to do was sit in her balcony office that overlooked the forest of trees and ponder the letter she received in the mail yesterday.   How in the world did a letter that was written for her before she was even born managed to be hidden away on the other side of the country and reach her now? What is she supposed to make of the words etched in ink on the parchment paper, carefully folded and sealed in an envelope? Why the strict instructions to not know the identity of the person who mailed it, not to even know the gender or any other identifying marker except they have been her "benefactor?" This was just a little too much crazy than she wanted to deal with on a day that was promising to fulfill those predictions of global warming, just another St. Louis summer.