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The Clarion Sings

Censor the oracle's song uncomfortable in her melody she sings light shining truth for all censor the clarion's call

Life Musing

Sitting in a room ...alone... full of people left wondering if anyone can hear the questions of my soul as I ponder the meaning of   life.

Eyes That See You

Eyes That See You   by Tayé Foster Bradshaw ©2007, 2014 First awake, last asleep Master at multitasking   Expert stretching and mending Lives between want and need Desires sleep Giving everything Every thing EVERY THING Comes last eats last thinks last sleeps last… Last Last…LAST Wears many hats Juggles home and money and chores And…and…and… Cries silent tears Whispers tender prayers Hugs little bodies Counsels young minds Smiles sighs Does it all…Alone A Lone ALONE She is Hagar and Bilhah and Zilpah Feeding prophets and nurturing Kings Wishes whispered through hands without rings Unnoticed neglected forgotten Silent unspoken dreams Giving life always all ways All WAYS Unseen seen love Seeing celebrating honoring peace Giving more with none Loving silent with no one Keeping life to give every more Wanting help to walk through the door Striving for more for them Wondering when they will see him Hard trying to b