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The Mask

Behind the mask
she sheds the tears
and feels the racing of her heart
because of his explosions
yet again
bellowing from deep within
because of the dollar bill
that he claims he has not enough
when he makes more than they did together

So she wears the mask
and silently bears the blows that never show
and holds on until 2022
hoping to be alive to live anew
and one day he loves her and says she is great
and the next he is yelling because of the dinner she made
and goes on about a shirt he never wants to wear
anything, everything, always to jab and destroy

her soul

and no one can hear the cries that come

from deep within

because she wears the mask

Drops of Friendship Tears

tears sinking to the floor in a heap
felt momentary despair
like that of Sylvia
empty and sobbing
missing and wanting

wail until the torrent ended
mourning loss like a death
shoulders heaving and body swaying
and drops falling down cheeks

weep no more for what once
decided never meant to last
seasons for everything

sob a last time
over missed chats and presence

cry away a lost friend

Empty Space Once Shared

Twice  asked
Three times implored
wondered what you were doing there
one day, one month, one year, a decade
vacant space, chasm like an ocean expanse
spread wide the gulf
four times turned to the back facing me
no answer to the plea
why leave
why stay
why back
why today
never knew, never got an answer
when you walked out
except that child carried in me
gone a year and eighteen months
not a hug or a glance
then once and another child carried in me
and empty the space again
when pondered and queired
told was crazy
told needed help
while more and more it was you
you you  you
you tore the heart and threw it away
and stomped on the soul
so why now
why back
for you
to say you were there
no touch
just a mound
facing me
back like a wall
no bricks coming down
hard to sleep
wanting answered
silence the night
four times queried
seven times asked
silence met the wind
and the expanse of the sea
grows even wider