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Water Flow

Who can own the sea? Who can own the waters deep? Who can own the river's flow? Who can own the calm of the bay? Why keep the ocean from me?

A Brother's Plea

A Brother’s Plea I am sitting here in this cell, afraid and alone, Can't play my music or talk on my cell phone I wonder how I got here, my personhood assaulted Smart in school, now my possibilities halted My life will never be the same In some ways it is over because of this prison game I cry to myself so the fellas won’t hear Too many years ahead of me in this place without care My life has not been easy, no crystal stair When all I ever wanted was a chance to be someone to live anywhere It was the accident of birth they say I had no control over my DNA My mother tried hard and worked every day My dad paid the bills and with her he stayed My nightmare happened in school you see I had a young blond teacher who was afraid of me I studied hard and turned in my work But she was afraid of me and when I moved, she jerked My friends told me to be careful in high school The cops were always ready and waiting to load you in that van pool Off to