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My Heart Note

Yesterday you were the note in my heart's lyric Yesterday I could not sing without your rhythm in my soul Yesterday we were a string on the bow of love's symphony Yesterday ends and the song is unsung

In This Room by Chasity James

Featuring an up and coming young poet. In this room I learned that the key to my future Is the struggles of my past Right in this room I learned that every one of my ancestors' beatings Waz for me to be free This day I learned even though we have a long way to go Never let your culture die The drums my ancestors beat Beats in our hearts The love our ancestors gave Still survives on this land We as African Americans Have to grasp onto it I learned right in my blood stream Lives the power of kinds and queens royalty Freedom fighters that were in nightmares Are now in heaven claiming their victory I learned in this room That freedom comes from knowledge The knowledge of my ancestors Never let your culture die Their knowledge lives on in us!