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Mama Tayé's Elder's Prayer - Offering Twelve, Day 100+7 Completion

Mama Tayé's Elder's Prayer - Day 100+7 Completion The chirping birds sing out the song of morning calling us to our purpose, they greet us as sleep is left behind 400 years of midnight haze to rise like the sun over the mountains to declare our presence. We ain't going no where. On the dawning of the day that was supposed to say a yes or no but they announced they could not decide, the people still still rise up and stand up in front of and declare, We ain't going no where. See when the tanks and the armor from across the country came and the undercover tried to say they were a student and the hate of hate pulled off the sheets and picked up badge and baton, they thought they could scare the youth away. We ain't going no where. When they pulled little bit from the crowd to try to quiet her voice, one of the few among the men with found voices, she held tight and they surrounded the cell, demanding her release, they thought she would be scared, silenced, her

Mama Tayé's Elder's Prayer - Offering Eleven, Day One Hundred

Mama Tayé's Elder's Prayer - Offering Eleven, Sharing Day One Hundred In the dawning of this new day as frost dusts our morning window with the crisp bite of winter's cold kiss in the air, as the calendar turned to day one hundred that one son's blood still screams out from the street and activists still scream out through hoarse voice, we pause, we pause for a moment. Calling on the ancestors,our great ones, our spirit one, our creator, in this moment of realizing we, the many we of us, have been fighting an exhausting fight for 100 days, we call for our strength to journey one. We are resilient, even tired, but tenacious and determined and buoyed to keep striving for a people left without answers. In the psychological game of announcing no announcing, while hate gathers guns and anonymous pulls off hoods, we still hear the cry of this son left face down for four hours. Avenge me, remember me, change for me. When the least of these traveled to the halls of the g

Mama Tayé's Elder's Prayers - Offering Ten

Mama Tayé's Elder's Prayer - Offering Ten On this sunkissed morning for the sunkissed people, we call on the example of our ancestors set before us and declare unity at all levels, we will not be distracted and fall at the enemy's sword of division. We who work with our feet in the community we call home, we who strategically focus messages of empowerment and economics, know we are greater than a splinter in the group who takes rhetoric over work. Let us who are truly people of justice and action know that this work is long, that enemy in sheep's clothing will try to engage and that the efforts of the many hands together will sheer that false covering and expose tactics of division. This is a marathon journey for righting centuries of wrong, of recognizing the human rights violations of terrorist flags and army tanks in American streets having no place among people of peaceful protest. Let the activists know that their message has resonated across the world an

if these tears could talk

if these tears could talk and spoke out the name it would be in the telling and expose his shame