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The Burden

This isn't mine anymore What? This. She stretched out her hands the parcel neatly wrapped brown paper with a red bow What is this? Take it, it is your's. But No, it is not mine to carry Anymore What do you mean? I mean that I am giving it back it was never mine anyway I don't understand You never did. I don't want it. Take it. No. So she dropped it right where she stood. And turned and walked away. The package was never her's to hold. So she let it go.                                                                                                                                                                    Tayé Foster Bradshaw is the poet's nom de plumme. She resides in a suburb of St. Louis surrounded by her family, her books, her pens, and her lattes. This poem is inspired by the lives and burdens of many women, particularly women of color, who are forced to carry the cares, thoughts, and expectations


Opaque Covered Dark Cloudy ----Until scrubbed   Clear Transparent Crystal ----Until smudged Until ----Invisible---- Because Unseen Unnoticed Unwanted