On Getting a Natural by Dudley Randall for Gwendolyn Brooks

I rarely post other people's work, but really love the message in Dudley Randall's (1914-2000) poem in tribute to Gwendolyn Brook's and her natural.

She didn't know she was beautiful,
though her smiles were dawn,
her voice was bells,
and her skin deep velvet Night.

She didn't know she was beautiful,
although her deeds,
kind, generous, unobtrusive,
gave hope to some,
and help to others,
and inspiration to us all. And
beauty is as beauty does,
they say.

Then one day there blossomed
a crown upon her head,
bushy, bouffant, real Afro-down,
Queen Nefertiti again.
And now her regal woolly crown
I know
I'm black


Anonymous said…
I love this poem. It should be dedicated to all women wanting to go natural but are afraid to let go of their perms.

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