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Mourning Questions

 When is an eighteen year old prepared for death?

Is it when the threat of it surrounded her from age seven and was spoken at age sixteen?

Was it when she was four and her mother whispered her goodbye?

Or was it when she was thrown into the deep of it without an anchor?

The questions of mourning.

Who tells her that the monster who kidnapped her took her son's life?

And how does she process the words of the doctors who tried to help?

Where is her next breathe that asthma squeezed out?

When is an eighteen year old prepared for death?

Who holds her hand when family abandoned her for their respectable shame?

How is she supposed to overcome what never should have been?

Who tells the ones who were supposed to care that they failed?

Where can she feel safe?

How does one turn back the clock of time to protect her?

Why does the world seem to not care about girls who look like her?

The questions of mourning.

What happens to the boy whose life was not altered?

Why didn't anyone hold him responsible for throwing her away?

When will girls get as much protection as boys?

Who stands with her at the gravesite that should not be?

Why did they leave her standing alone at the repass?

Who cares about the respectability of their name and image?

Where were the comforting words to caress her shaking body?

How could they pretend she wasn't even there?

Why do they not care about her?

Who teaches her to handle grief?

What happens to the melted years of wondering?

Who wipes the tears that flow ever year on the date?

Does the boy even remember?

Was he happy with his new choice before the child was born?

Did he care that he threw her away?

Did he know she was naive?

Did she know he was just using her and it wasn't first love?

Who teaches a girl to be happy with a broken heart?

How many times did she have to walk in shame?

Because a wheelbarrow needed to be attached to her tiny frame?

Who told her about the changes happening within?

How was she to know when labor would begin?

Why was she paraded through the night for her stepmother's glee?

When all she every wanted was to breathe and be free?

Who heard her whispered plea?

Who prepares her to be?

What happened?

Is it your right to know?

Will that make you see her?

Does that take away your wonder?

Who is served with every reminder?

Why do you want her to relive it again?

Who cares that the boy married the wonder bread and forgot?

Does it matter that the monster was prosecuted?

Why tell her he got out and did it again and again until he became worm rot?

Who tells about unprotected girls and babies?

Will that give back her innocence and dreams?

Will her breathe come easy and not squeezed?

Will time dull what thirty-nine years has not?

What happened to that girl?

Who cared for that girl?

Where is that girl?

How is that girl?

Who is that girl?

That girl is me.

Mourning questions


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