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The Roar of Her Silent Scream

She sat down to look around her
and wondered
- what
- happened
waiting for
time to be on her side

to be -


until she sat  up
stood up
reached up

...and walked out

screaming at the top of her lungs

of waiting
to be loved
to be nurtured
to be wanted
to be admired
to be needed


she ran

into the arms



and ...
found her love.
loved herself

and nurtured herself

and wanted herself

and encouraged herself






then she flipped her hair

and shashayed

to her brighter tomorrow.

River City Sisters Speak Currents

©2016  – All Rights Reserved. Tayé Foster Bradshaw is a poet, writer, essayist, nurturer, teacher, mother, wife, mentor, teacher in the St. Louis suburban area.


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