Mama Tayé’s Elder’s Prayer – Day 109 + 7: The World Reacted

Mama Tayé’s Elder’s Prayer – Day 109 + 7: The World Reacted

The sun glistens over the frozen ice and drips a nation’s tears.
In shock and awe, held emotionally tangled for a day, a week ago when the wait was agony and the reading spoke ill of the dead.
In silence they waited and held hands until the word came, the shouts from 400 years of soul anguish came from a deep place and the people refused to go home.
In solidarity around the world the streets filled in a holiday week that declared no more, no business as usual, no system as usual, upset it all we will do.
In space of righteous anger over unjust laws and systems that let murderers with badges go scot free, the people marched armed with signs and the energy of not wanting another 12 year old shot dead in a drive by for playing with a toy.
In serenity they stood around campus bonfires to pray for justice and energy to keep going day after day, night after night, to dismantle something that refused to give.
In somber realization they watched the armored tanks roll down American streets as black buildings burned and white buildings gained art work.
In solidarity they took to a week of even greater disobedience from marches to die ins to taking over malls and making sure black Friday and black football was about black lives.
In service they cared for the wounded, spoke to the hurting, taught the children, planned meetings, and saw their message reach the world.
In strategy they took the message to the powers that be and stood face-to-face with evil to declare we will not fear.
In strength their numbers grew with hues from vanilla to espresso all shouting out with children’s toys that Black Lives Matter and we aren’t going anywhere.
On this 109+7 day we stand, we stand, we stand.

Mama Tayé


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