Mother's Change by Lori Widmer

The world is a small and beautiful place when the wonders of technology allows two women, both mothers and both writers, to connect in a MOOC called ModPo13 ( and discover a certain beauty in the words they share.  The following is a guest poet from said encounter.

Mother’s Change

Maybe it was heat
altered her, or maybe it was
life led through others, those children
Husband to whom she’d given too much. It was
Change in her, one revealed
loss of her Self heightened by
empty spent feeling flashes sweating reminding her
Age was winning, her curves now took different

She fluffed clean sheets over
tired bed, beating back heat inside her, wondering if she’d ever
feel cool again, if young friend of her daughter, one who
flirted shamelessly with her, found her
sexy or if he thought her ridiculous for flirting
back for wanting to be wanted she having watched her husband relishing his
temper in private, channeling energy of their arguments into
bed, connecting to specter of passion inside

She wanted to feel alive, but she felt just loss, those
years bloated like changes she’d vowed to make, still
dormant, drowning in sameness, dragged under by
Weight of duty, she snapped hard corners of
bed sheets, rage building at invisible reasons, words
uttered to empty rooms, bouncing off dashed
hopes. She wanted to hate him, but she knew back then
Wives do this, life doesn’t
Belong to women.

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Lori is a professional freelance writer and blogs at

Tune in this week for an interview with Lori about her poem.


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