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And Then There Was Light: Celebration of Black Love

God Said
Then Light Came

Light to shine in the dark corner of memory where memory lurked in the shadow
Light to coax out the heart tucked deep in the treasure chest of yesterday
Light to search for the jewel buried deep in the blanket of treasures

God said
Then Light Came

Light to guide the path to promise of the ever after
Light to guide the feet to the giddy tomorrow
Light to touch the hand that reaches cord for cord

God said
Then Light Came

Light to open the door to the hope of a song of song
Light to illuminate the melody of the voice of true
Light to radiate the dwelling of essence

God said
Then Light Came

Light to prove there is light and more light
Light to say I am and you are and we be
Light to surround with warmth and heat

God said
Then Light Came

Light to bring woman to man
Light to bring flower to garden
Light to bring you to me

And God Said It Was Good


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